Graham Walker
~ sample lyrics ~



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When I went to the kitchen I saw a tomato
Dance with an onion, a pickle and potato -
When I went to the kitchen for a midnight snack
I was so surprised that I jumped right back!

Pineapple Pickles and Watermelon Soup!
Artichoke Dumplings and Rutabaga Goop
I could eat them all night and all day too -
If you come over for lunch, I'll cook some for you!

A grasshopper hopped along a bumpy road
So did a rabbit and a big fat toad!
Along came a wallaby and a kangaroo -
Everybody's hopping 'cept for me and you
Come on and hop! Let's do the hop!
Come on and hop around the block
Like you never want to stop,
Come on and hop, hop, hop!

I'm the face in the mirror, I'm looking at you
Cause I like to copy all the things that you do -
You can smile like a crocodile or jump like a cat,
It's as easy as pie to do something like that!

It's so much fun to be a frog
Sitting on a log at the side of the road -
And if I couldn't be a frog
I think I'd like to be a toad!
Jumpety Jump, jumpety jump,
I'm all green and covered with bumps,
Sweeter than a box of sugar lumps,
It's so much fun to be a frog!

Every night I hear it, the same old funny thing -
The chickens in the chicken coop are learning how to sing -
I listen at the window so I can learn their song
I practice every evening, so I can sing along!
Chick - chick - chicken, Chick - chick - chicken,
Sing that chicken song ...
Chick - chick - chicken, Chick - chick - chicken,
Sing it all day long!

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