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"Last summer we took a two week car trip across Canada, and listened to Cat's Night Out dozens of times. My husband and I had as much enjoyment as the kids! The songs are so creative and there's so much variety that it was like visiting old friends every time. Thanks for the great music."

"Thanks a million times for the wonderful concert you gave at our school last week. We've been listening to your CDs for days, and I use your songs as idea starters for my art and writing lessons. We love Priscilla the flower loving pig the most."

"I work in a children's toy store and listen to a lot of children's albums. Yours are the ones we keep going back to, and everyone is smiling whenever they are on."

"My husband and I have had six of our own kids,plus four foster children. Thanks for the wonderful contribution your songs have made to all 10 of our kid's childhoods."

"Your visit to our school was very inspiring to the students. Your love of language and music made them feel it was important to use their imaginations and express themselves in writing songs and poems. Your CD's are excellent too."

"I am watching my daughters dance to Jumpety Jump ... again! It brings me so much joy to see them having such fun. Thanks for providing us with a wonderful musical experience."

"I like the frog song and the bug song. Here is a picture of the frog sitting under a rainbow, watching a fly."

    -- A few of the many letters received from fans --

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Roberts Creek B.C. Canada