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I have been writing and singing for children for a loooooong time! When I was really young I loooooved books and stories. I especially liked rhymes and riddles and funny word games, that tickled my ear and funny bone. In school I enjoyed writing stories and drawing doodles,graham walker so it seemed natural that when I grew up I wanted to write books like Dr. Seuss's.

In university I studied English Literature and Education, so I got lots of time to think about children and writing. Later I began to self publish my own little books. The first one, "Dog Dreams and other Poems" I sold at craft shows and they were very popular. I published a few more books, then began to play the guitar. To my surprise, the poems easily turned into songs. I sang into my little tape deck and they sounded not bad, so I went into a recording studio. In 1986 to do a demo tape. Again to my surprise, I found out I could sing pretty well. "Cat's Night Out' was soon recorded, and I took it around to craft shows with headphones for listening. People loved it, so I got the bug to make some more albums. Then Discovery Toys put "Cat's Night Out' in their catalogue, and things began to get more exciting. I started doing concerts in schools and festivals, which was great! Since then I have continued to write, sing, and record. I still like to do books, and have recently filmed a video. I have big plans to more of that, because talking to puppets and playing make believe is a lot of fun, as you know.

I also play drums in a jazz band, so I get my musician friends to help me record the albums. They are very good musicians, so adults like the albums as much as kids do, (which comes in handy in the car when driving and singing together)

I like to read poems and stories that kids have written, so if you'd like to email me some of your writing ... please send me something! I hope to see you at a concert one day soon!


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Roberts Creek B.C. Canada